About Cyprus



"You only live once.....But if you live in Cyprus, once is enough"


Cyprus enjoys an intense Mediterranean climate, with long dry summers from mid–May to mid–October, and mild winters from December to February, which are separated by short autumn and spring seasons. Summer is a season of high temperatures with cloudless skies, but the sea breeze creates a pleasant atmosphere in the coastal areas. Isolated thunder showers are possible mainly over the mountains during early afternoons. Winters are mild with rain and snow on Troodos Mountains (usually starting before Christmas). The island enjoys abundant sunshine, and even in December and January, there is an average of six hours of bright sunshine per day, whilst over the six ‘summer’ months, there is an average of 11.5 hours of bright sunshine per day. Therefore, plans are never compromised by the weather conditions!


Cyprus can offer a range of reputable public and private schools, all providing excellent level of education. We have a recognition coming from abroad for the local Colleges and Universities as we are following the British Education System. Furthermore, candidates can be well prepared for entry in Universities in Europe or the United States.


As an EU Member, Cyprus offers excellent healthcare services in public or private hospitals, at a cost lower than most other EU countries.


The crime rate in Cyprus is extremely low in comparison to other European countries, making it one of the safest places to live. Generally, Cyprus is a peace and quiet place to live and therefore is chosen by foreigners as their holiday or permanent residence.

Cost of living

Cost of living in Cyprus compared to most of the European countries is considered to be low in relation to the high standard of living. It is one main reasons why Cyprus is chosen amongst many other options to be the country of residence for many foreigners. 

Easy to reach

In Cyprus, we have two international airports (Larnaca and Paphos) from which travellers can arrive easily with over 30 direct or charter flights now operating to and from Cyprus. Also, Cyprus is connected from terminals troughout Europe and Middle East making this an easy destination to reach. 


Cypriots are renowned for their warm hospitality and approachable nature. Cyprus hospitality is legendary. Moreover, Cypriots have a warm and loving nature that really impresses visitors evry time they visit Cyprus, no matter what their race or creed. In shops, tavernas, cafes and bars the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. Much of the population speaks English, even if at times it is in little broken, and they will do their utmost to help you no matter what the situation.


In Cyprus, Greek is the native language, but English is fluently spoken by the 76 % of the population. Bilingual signs, menus and official announcements are the norm. Furthermore, Russian is widely spoken in Cyprus due to the growing Russian population and increasing number of the Russian businesses.


Cyprus cuisine is admired and preferred by many cultures. There are plenty of tavernas which they serve Cyprus cuisine. Cyprus meze is very delicious and could be an excellent choice for tourists. Also, fish meze is very tasty especially when you enjoy it by the sea with a glass of wine. Finally, there are also international cuisines for somebody to choose from.


Cyprus Nightlife is an online guide aiming to navigate you through the nightlife in Cyprus. You can find here a variety of clubs, bars eating out places, stylish cafes, live music bars and dance clubs that are among the most popular on the island, you can also search by town and locate local entertainment places to visit either you are visiting Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca or Famagusta district.


The hundreds of miles of coast line in Cyprus provide plenty of choices for swimmers. With a wealth of beaches to choose from, you’re bound to find one that suits your taste. From the quiet backwaters of the western peninsula, to the lively resorts in the east, the island has something for everyone. The eastern coast is famous for its fine white sandy beaches with shallow turquoise waters. Deep water bays with rocky outcrops are perfect for snorkelling or diving. The long finely packed grey sand of the southern coast lend themselves to long winter walks or jogging, while the secluded coves of the western coast beckon when you want to be alone.


In Cyprus, there are plenty of activities for all ages and interests. Some of them are archeological exploring, hiking, cycling, climbing, kite surfing, horse riding, golfing, go karting, hunting and fishing, etc.


Cyprus economy has shown growth lately and it is kept stable to attract new investments all over the country. Despite the economic crisis globally and the economy recession during the past few years, Cyprus has managed to sustain the stability.


Taxation in Cyprus is very friendly for foreign and offshore companies. It has the lowest corporate tax in Europe (12.5%)

Freehold Property

All properties in Cyprus are freehold and can be passed on to your descendants without to pay any inheritance tax.

EU Membership

Cyprus is an official member of EU since May 2004. This was an improvement turning point for Cyprus because we had to comply with the European rules and regulations.

Residence Permit

Anyone who invests in Cyprus on a property worth €300.000 + can secure a permanent residency for himself and his family.

EU Citizenship

Anyone who is a non-EU Citizen and decides to invest in Cyprus on properties worth €2.500.000 +, then he is eligible to apply for Cypriot Passport / Citizenship.  

Investment Opportunities

Property prices in Cyprus are cheaper than the most European Countries. This allows all the potential investors to acquire a property for holiday purposes as well as for living permanently. Furthermore, Cyprus is a welcoming island for the foreigners and that makes the property buying decision even easier for the potential investors.