Cyprus Citizenship Passport Investment Scheme



Cyprus suspends the citizenship programme from 1st of November 2020: causes and possible consequences.

The Government of Cyprus suspends the citizenship programme for investments. (Updated 1st of November 2020)

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Cyprus Citizenship Passport Investment Scheme

Cyprus being present in the heart of Mediterranean and at the crossroad of Africa, Europe and Asia has now been one of the most preferred locations for travelling and working beyond the European Union. The economy is gradually overcoming from the recession-era through the development in the field of Tourism, Shipping, Legal and Financial Services with surge foreign direct investments (FDI) in propertyand investment values. 

The Government of Cyprus has launched various initiatives to attract the investments in various sectors including Real Estate. It has provided various incentives to attract foreign direct investments. One of the most popular initiatives Cyprus Government has promoted is Cyprus Passport Investment Scheme. 

Citizenship investment scheme provides full Cypriot Citizenship to those who invest more than 2 million euro in Real Estate along with certain other requirements, those successful members would then be given the right to work, reside, and study in all 28 Europe member countries.

Cyprus is the only European country offering immediate citizenship through investment in Real Estate. At the moment, this is the fastest way of getting EU passport within six months. 

There are several investment options which are further described below: 

  • Real Estate, Land development or Infrastructure project. 
  • Purchase, creation or participation in Cyprus Bussiness or Companies.
  • Investment in Financial Assets of Cypriot Organisation or Companies.
  • Combination Investment.

Terms and Conditions:

  • No Criminal record.
  • Main applicants property is not frozen within the EU boundaries:
  • Be a resident before granting Cyprus Citizenship:
  • Own a residential property in Cyprus with a value of at least €500.000 + VAT.
  • In case of investment in only residential properties, the amount must be € 2 million with one of the property being prices at least €600.000. 
  • Possess a valid passport.

Benefits of the Citizenship Passport Investment Sceme

  • Granted within 3 months.
  • Concurrently submitting the application for residency and citicenship.
  • No language barrier.
  • Easy access within Europe.
  • Visit Cyprus once eery seven years.
  • Civil Unions are eligible to submit applications.
  • If parents own a house with market value at €500.000 + VAT or have a share in the property of the main applicant equivalent to €500.000, then they are qualified to get citizenship.
  • No need to renounce the current nationality.
  • Free trade or low tax rate within Europe.
  • Attainment of a right property in EU member states.
  • Strategic location forming a connection between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East with direct access to Mediterranean Sea. 
  • Total Population of Cyprus is below of 1.2 million.